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Normoject (Labetalol)

Labetalol is an adrenergic receptor blocking agent that has selective al adrenergic and nonselective B-adrenergic receptor blocking actions in a single substance. It works by causing the heart to beat more slowly and with less force. It also widens the arteries in the body. This helps to lower the blood pressure.

Normoject® Indications

Severe Hypertension or hypertensive emergencies

Normoject® Dosage & Administration


Repeated Intravenous Injection

Slow Continuous Infusion


Initial dosing

Maintenance dosing

Initial dosing

Maintenance dosing


20 mg dose by slow IV injection over a 2-minute period

40-80 mg at 10-30 minute intervals until a desired supine blood pressure is achieved or a total of 300 mg

-Add 40 ml of drug solution to 160 ml of IV fluid to reach 1mg/ml (rate of 2ml /min to deliver 2mg/min)

-Add 40 ml of drug solution to 250 ml of IV fluid to reach 2mg/3ml (rate of 3ml /min to deliver 2mg/min)

Immediately before the injection and at 5 and 10 minutes after injection, supine blood pressure should be measured to evaluate response.


Labetalol injection has been shown to be incompatible with sodium bicarbonate injection.



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